Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Project Prints : Lace

One of my favorite that we have done so far in our prints project is this lace one. I guess I was aiming for that Margielic effect. There's no question I'm deeply inspired by the whole philosophy of the maison and Martin. I honestly love the whole process of creation more than the finished product. That's maybe the reason why I can put value to a concept more than say the actual amount of the materials used. Luxury can be either about the best stuff out there, say, the softest leather, the Swarovski this and that, or, it could be the whole idea of the clothing and how it was created. I value the latter simply because it's quite easy to churn out stuff these days and anybody can be a designer (especially celebrities with their own clothes line, ewwwww!).

Looking at this picture I realized it's giving a Jil Sander vibe. It looks marbled, no?

Prints are quite challenging. I'm so used to the purity of using solid colored fabrics in muted tones.

I'm also doing another project that will involve some exclusive designs for me which I can't sell in the shop. It will also be a little different in terms of concept because this one has to be more of a 'resort' type. I really don't know the concept of resort and I'm researching now how I can come up with something that's not solely for vacation use. The recession have made shoppers more discerning and quite demanding about their purchases. The quality has to match the price you demand and also they take into consideration the amount of usage they will get from the said item. People really haven't stopped buying, at least here in Siem Reap, but I've noticed more of my 'classic' designs have been snapped compared to my 'fancier' wares. My side-seamed silk tee gets the thumbs-up from shoppers.

Of course, I also have to design something for those shoppers with a more flamboyant taste. A beaded bib design which retails for $100.


Lyka Bergen said...

Interesting bib! I lyk!

fuchsiaboy said...

lyka - bagay yan sayo when you catwalk in castro, di bala? :)

Luis Batchoy said...

kay recession man bala? Indi ayhan ma utod liog mo sina kung ihablot ever?

fuchsiaboy said...

those are recession prices, dahling.

ihablot lang sya because it's very desirable.

ching! ;)

kawadjan said...

love ko ang prints!!! winner yan ning.