Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Bose's are here!

We had dinner at Viroth's. I often bring my visiting friends to this Khmer/French restaurant. I love the ambiance and the food. Never fails to impress.

Moi with Mutya and Faith. Mutya is an ukay fanatic just like me. It was actually her and Lalay Javier who started our little ukay-ukay site at Multiply.

Here's Loven with Tita Imelda and Lilledeshan. Lille's a writer and I've encountered many of her articles in the newspapers and magazines especially the ones from Summit. Tita Imelda has a fragrance brand that supplies to some clothing labels and companies in Manila. Mutya and Lille's father is the artist Santiago Bose.

Here's the ladies with Loven at the night market. Lille is the shoppingera. She doesn't know how to bargain the stuff. I guess, her living in the States, the prices here in Siem Reap are way cheaper. Of course, you really have to tawad. Her mom just laughs at her when she ask for discounts.

I got pasalubong from Titser May! An A.P.C. shirt that fits me like a glove and a Tricot Comme des Garcons. I loves eeet! :)

Mutya got me the latest IMAGINE with some of my fave people inside like Bombette Marin (I miss!), Bo Parcon, Cecile Zamora van Straten, Ria Bolivar... and/plus the January issue of Preview with a weirdly looking Kris Aquino on the cover. Tita Imelda also gave us some food stuff, pampaumpaw sang kahidlaw.


lille said...

awww! don! i miss siem reap SOOOOOOO much...phnom penh SUCKS compared to siem reap. i had a great time with you guys, thanks so much!

fuchsiaboy said...

glad you enjoyed siem reap. phnom penh has its own charm but i love siem reap more ;)