Friday, January 30, 2009

Ironic Bags

I was browsing the latest arrivals from Totokaelo when this unusual Hermes bag caught my attention! From Slow and Steady Wins the Race comes these witty bags made of canvas aping 'iconic' bags. I think their version of the Birkin bag is funny and I want one.

SSWTR is a clothing label in the vein of Margiela and Comme des Garcons which aims to focus on a specific and fundamental characteristic of clothing design. Their mission is to push and produce interesting and significant pieces from the simplest and most inexpensive fabrics and materials.

I love their bags line. They do projects with a concept and work around that theme. For this line they re-interpreted hi-fashion designer bags into lo-fi object.

Balenciaga bag.

Chanel bag

In another project they tried to combine and hybridize popular bags to form 'a visual hyperbolic expression about contemporary fashion's attention and obsession with designer handbags'.

Care for a combined Hermes and AsFour bag?

Here's another one that combines Balenciaga, Chanel, Gucci and Hermes into one 'it' bag.

This Dior/Hermes Birkin hybrid is crazy!

Here's two other version of the hybrids.

My favorites:

From their line of bags which subverts ordinary into something more extraordinary by combining two extremes. Fine leather is used to make this simple 'paper bag'. I want one!

I was surprised to see this 'bodega' bag coz I've done the same concept before. I got inspired by Margiela, of course. Actually, Loven has been bugging me to sell it in the shop. SSWTR did it in black leather. Mine was in black fabric to simulate the ones used in the market.

Now, Ms. Lyka can you get it for me, please? ;)

More SSWTR here.


wax said...

i wanna see your version of the bodega bag! do you have pictures? :D

fuchsiaboy said...

will post an entry about it wax ;)

Anonymous said...

remember my red "do-not-disturb" bag? that was back in 2003.. hehehhe