Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Angkor Wat 2009

Your spires reach out to heaven

like hands in prayer.

Your silence is poetry

as chants are silenced in your halls.

Your arches welcome souls looking for answers

in the riddles carved in your walls.

You hide your beauty behind the shadows

but demand devotion.

You embrace the land that bore you

yet yearn to be with the sky.

You reward those whose patience wait

for that brief moment when you reveal your heart.


Wax said...

beautiful place. i went here last year and fell in love with it instantly =)

the spool artist said...

vungga talaga! poetry kung poetry!

next time again, next year?

or should we do machu pichu in peru or the pyramids in egypt na?

fuchsiaboy said...

wax - angkor is really a magical place.

spool - hahahha! poetry-poetryhan. machu pichu indeed! hehehe