Thursday, January 22, 2009

One Shop

The little store I share with Loven is called One Shop. It's located in the lobby of the One Hotel. Yep, the concept of the hotel is basically one room. If you stay you get to enjoy the whole hotel for yourself. Cute concept, no? You get your own Mac, ipod, cel phone etc during your stay. It comes with a price, though. Anyway, that Pucci-esque tee is part of my fall/winter 08 collection. I've still got some few pieces left of that collection.

Here's another 'destroyed' lace print dress from the spring/summer 09 collection.

I have a few sandals left also.

Not a lot of shoppers like to buy clothes during their trip. They're more into accessories and we've proven that in the shop. Shoppers are more willing to buy small stuff like scarves, cloth bags and neckpieces even if it's equally priced or even more expensive. Since our mercs are limited in quantity people tend to buy our stuff. That's the thing with these recession times I still don't think people stopped buying. We've fairly had good sales and I'm really thankful for that.


paolo said...

I love how you are doing so many prints for your new collection and taking inspiration from Rei, Pucci, and etc!

fuchsiaboy said...

thanks. it's an ongoing project of mie to explore prints in my work.