Friday, January 16, 2009

The Curious Case of the Travelling Bag

Finally, my H&M x Comme des Garcons bag arrived safely into my loving arms! I commented in Ms. Chuvaness' entry that I wanted one so badly and Lalaine, one of her readers, kindly asked me to e-mail her if I wanted one coz she's going home during the holidays and would want to spread the joy of owning a piece of this 'fashion history'. Of course, I'm such a sucker for Comme des Garcons and really a big bag is so practical for me. Show me a big bag I didn't love. After a few e-mails my purchase was sealed and Lalaine bought it in Norway. Then the bag arrived in Manila, with a short stop-over in Japan. I was on my way to Vietnam when my friend Cecile told me she's going to Manila for the holidays. I was then in Phnom Penh so I begged her to get the bag for me. Cecile got the bag in Manila and returned to Phnom Penh last week. Funny enough my friend and co-worker Marpha had a sales call in Phnom Penh last Monday. She got the bag from Cecile and arrived today. From Norway to Siem Reap the bag travelled to three countries just to get to me. Isn't it nuts? Anyway, things we do for fashion. Got some local fashion mags, too, as a bonus.

I love the bag. I love my friends. Thank you so much for making this boy happy! :)

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