Monday, January 05, 2009

The Night Before The New Year

After lunch I was in the Arts Lounge creating a mix of sounds for our Ice Lounge event. Basically we had like 10,000 blocks of ice hanging from the ceiling and covering the floor of the space. With some candles and smoke machine, voila!, the Arts Lounge is transformed.

The EM Riem spiky globes added some alien effect to the place.

I was DJ that night, or I tried to be a DJ that night. The wine that my boss gave me somehow lessened my nervousness. I had fun.

Just before midnight I escaped from the Ice Lounge to have dinner at home. Earlier Loven and I went shopping for food and he insisted to have the traditional 12 rounded fruits. We had fun choosing what to include. This was his table arrangement. He added some banana, though.

He also supervised the dinner preparation. We had some Chinese theme going on. Our table cover was the polka dot fabric we've done recently. We had some buttered peas, egg roll, assorted fried dimsum, sio mai and har gao, breaded fillet fish, fruit salad and herb basil garlic pasta.

Olive made her famous leche flan. I think half of that I ate. Ugh! I know but what can I do it's so creamy and delish. It reminded me so much of the leche flan my lola used to make. It's pure egg yolk without the white and the sugar caramel is melted in individual ylaneras (metal container).

The peas were simply divine! It's fresh kasi.

Here's Granny with Freedom.

Loven and Olive


I was wearing a Lanvin top circa 2007.

I gave Loven the Absolut book for Christmas. He in turn gave me this for New Year. Very Margielic, the packaging no?

'Seams of Change', a book about Khmer clothing.

This is our bigger Christmas tree.

Freedom enjoying the sparklers.

We had our friends for the countdown. One magical moment was when the evening sky was filled with floating candles coming from somewhere. Amazing! Too bad I couldn't take a picture of it.

Apres, we joined the revelry at Pub Street.

Let's just say people were so, so, so drunk! Hahaha!

Sarah, Loven and Faith.

Moi and Olive.

It was around 4:30 am when we decided to go home and prepare for our annual sunrise at Angkor Wat.

How was your New Year celebration?


[G] said...

vongga ang sure those bananas (add on sa mga bilog na prutas) were really for was a way of saying: may banana sa PP sa 2009.

francisg said...

Wow... nice way to celebrate new year---good food and company of close friends.

fuchsiaboy said...

g - fruit salad ang gusto ko talaga! ;)

francisg - hope you had a nice one, too.

the spool artist said...

bong, it's 2009 na... time to buy a nice camera for the blog! hehehe.