Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fashion Diary 17 : When it was ok to wear wool.

The first time I came to Siem Reap I shiverred my ass to death because it was freakin cold. Not freezing cold but still biting. I packed a suitcase full of tanks in tissue cotton and lacey affairs. Not even the layerings could save me. I was forced to buy a wrap/scarf just to stay warm. That's why when I was in Hong Kong and saw this H&M trench jacket I declared it perfect for Siem Reap. It's lined but not thick enough to melt me. It's also not heavy like most fall/winter jackets. I paired it with my Calvin Klein wool tank which I think is quite genius because sometimes you just want your gut warm but not your arms and neck. I really don't want the cold to end but the other day I had to use the aircon after 2 months! I'm glad last night it was windy so no AC for moi. And I had to use the heater for shower, too. I hope this lasts until March.

I wore my tattered Converse sneakers and Balenciaga pants, plus, Izzue bag.


the spool artist said...

I am so not ready to give up the cold weather just yet!

kalalab lang ng bagon ukay ni faith na pang spring! hahaha

fuchsiaboy said...

me too