Tuesday, January 20, 2009

John and Bill

Rafe Totengco's friends, Bill and John, were recently here in Siem Reap. For a day we toured around Angkor because they wanted to see some nice architecture around town. We started off having lunch at AHA. John is an architech for Ralph Lauren and based in New York while Bill is a lawyer for the IRS and calls Miami home now. We brought them to see Elizabeth of Wanderlust since she's from New York. Apparently, Elizabeth knows Rafe also.

Apres lunch, we checked out Amansara. Eric, the sales director there, treated us coffee. Amansara is quite an exclusive place and you can't just go in without an appointment or if you don't have a friend staying in-house. Of course, Faith had connections there because she worked there before so it was easy for her to rang up the general manager and request a tour for us. It was a chance for me to talk to my friend Lynette who's the financial controller there and I'm cooking a project for them.

Loven and Bill.

Aman is all about understated chic. I wish I could afford to stay there. Maybe someday I will.

I love the whole feel of Angkor Village so I suggested we tour them there. John just love the place. I will have to make another post about it. I thought I posted about it already. I have to check my files again. It's really a charming place you have to see. Those elephant bells were part of the decor in the shop of Angkor Village. I think it's so chic.

Here's a table set-up in one of the areas there. I love how the Palm Sugar wood is weather beaten.

From there we transferred to Angkor Resort, the sister property of Angkor Village, which is quite near town. Bill treated us for dinner. We had good laughs with them. Such cool chaps. We suggested they watch a Khmer traditional performance in the theater there. I don't have a picture of the place but it looks grand. My phone died on me.

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