Saturday, January 10, 2009

DP shoes for spring/summer 09

Designing shoes is fairly new to me. It's a different ballgame altogether than making clothes. I had a client recently and I was the one who measured his feet and let's just say it was an utter disaster. I had to ask my shoemaker to redo the whole thing, hehehe. But I'm getting better understanding of the whole process.

Anyhoot, I've done a unisex sandal for s/s 09 and here's 4 of the colors:

'fuckin fuchsia'

'fresh flesh'

'pimple pink'

'rash red'

The 'battle blue' version I don't have anymore. Made of soft calfskin leather it's very comfortable to wear. This one is the lighter version of the thick soled one I released last year. It seems gladies are here to stay based on the s/s 09 runway reports. I like the version at Givenchy best:

My version for spring/summer 08:


Wax said...

fresh flesh looks major! is it still available at backstage?

blagadag said...

ang galeng galeng talaga. i wish afford ko ang pink na yan. buti na lang tsugi pa rin yung isang toe nail ko kaya may rason ako. shyness naman na di ko afford. char. pwede kaya ako maging distributor nyan dito sa Riyadh?

kawadjan said...

of course the legendary DP gladdies. bravo!

izzydore said...

I like the last one!

Yea vintage 501's are love. Especially if they come pre-distressed for you!

What do the lanvin x acne ones look like? Baka naman majorly overpriced! (I find the regular acne jeans mahal na nga eh.) Besides that, I have a feeling they'd be very hard to find.

fuchsiaboy said...

wax - it's in backstage but im not sure my current stock status there.

blagadag - why not poknut? seryoso ka? :) i can supply stuff for you.

k - mwah! salamat sa support.

izzy - im sure it's going to be overly priced. the hype warrants for it. club 21 (bangkok/singa) i heard will carry it. im sure joyce will stock it, too. good luck sa h&f. they'll ask for your liver, im sure.

izzydore said...

haha true. i can imagine!

btw, what style of balenciaga do you plan on getting? I recently saw an extra-courier (super extra large version of mine) in anthracite at homme et femme. kind of on the pricey side though, 76k i think! I would love to have a weekender in the old midnight too....

fuchsiaboy said...

i just really want the 'classic' balenciaga with the strap and tassels. i don't fancy the giant and men's style they have.

luxury goods in manila are grossly overpriced unless on sale. i'd rather buy in bangkok or hk. :)