Thursday, January 08, 2009

Evian x Jean Paul Gaultier

If there's one thing quite exciting about 2008 it's the gamut of collaborations between brands or some hot designer or artist. Sure it's been done before but not as much hype and frenzy that it generated last year. I seriously had some collab overdose there and just had to keep myself away from obsessively hounding the net for more amazing tandem. For one I'm not one those lucky few whose pockets are recession-proof and secondly, I'm living in a place where even if I can afford or have the means to get it from abroad then I'd be dying of fear because the postal system here just sucks. In the end I'm happy to get by after another fabulous collab trumps the existing ones. Makes you think if it's worth it to get into all these 'limited' collabs after all, no? (I'm just bitter coz most of the time I can't afford it, hahahaha!).

Anyhoot, one thing I can afford though is this Evian x Jean Paul Gaultier thingy. Yes, it's just a bottle of water. Don't be surprised how I love such silly thing. I can be shallow that way you know unless you haven't been following the general format of this blog. I haven't gotten one though/yet because it wasn't sold to me despite all my pleading and begging. I even talked to the manager about it. But, alas, it was not for sale or rather they wouldn't sell it to me. Beats me the reason why they couldn't sell one. Why display if they couldn't sell it, anyway! I'm still on a hunt though and have asked some friends to look one for me.

You see it would be a lovely addition to the one designed by Christian Lacroix last year which I got at some hotel here.

In the true tradition of certain collabs there's always the next 'exclusive partnership' to look forward to. I do hope Margiela gets to do it next year.

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