Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bags for Faith

I got this bag for my friend Faith. It's still part of my Japan Japan loot. It's sooo very her, the shape and color. She likes classic things.

That's the logo of the bag and I'm not familiar with it.

Loven got her this Lagerfeld hand bag with aceatate and metal handles. Reminds me so much of old Prada style bags.

Both bags cost a dollar each. Cheap, huh?!

Loven got these weird wood sculptures from there, too. He plans to paint it white and display it at Poetry. Nice, non?


toxic disco boy said...

gusto kong lumipad jan sa japan japan na yan... intriga ako maxado.

fuchsiaboy said...

soon daw meron ng direct flight from manila to phnom penh! we have to plan your trip here.

btw, sa march yung bangkok fashion week. we can meet up dun ha.