Sunday, January 31, 2010

Boxing Shoes

Like I said on a previous post I ended up buying something at Adidas and this was what I got: an Adidas boxing boots.

It was in Manila when I saw this but they didn't have my size then. I was so surprised to find it here in Siem Reap and they gave me 15% discount, too. They also carry the collabs with Stella McCartney and Missy Elliot, plus the other lines of Adidas. Too bad they don't have Y-3, yet.

Paired with my DP tank

and DP 'Andy' pants.

This denim bag is another Japan Japan find. I got it for 50cents. I've been looking for a Gap-ish type of denim bag and now I have one.

The label is Earth Made and i think it's funny.

Loven was hungry so I came with him to eat noodles in one of the street stalls.

I haven't gotten a bad tummy from eating there. It's cheap and delish.


toxic disco boy said...

winnar! love what u did with ur top.

fuchsiaboy said...

just a little detail to make it different.