Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oroseuy Market

Oroseuy is like one of the huge markets here in Cambodia. Housed in an Art deco - inspired building designed by Vann Molyvan, the eminent father of modern architecture of Cambodia, it's a masculine hub of all things saleable. Of course, when I say 'all' it includes one whole floor (of the 4 story building) filled to the brim with second hand bags, shoes and clothing. Hypercoolmike, are you listening?

You will see interesting stuff being sold, like this LV Wilson bag, a copy I guess.

And look-ey, look-ey, what do we have here?

Martin Margiela, isdatchu? I think another copy, too.

And Puma for Jil Sander?

How about this nice shirt?

What do you think?
This one really made me laugh! I have an idea that I will do like this.

Then we also checked out the fabric market just in front of Oroseuy.

Since we're non-Khmer, they priced the fabric a little bit higher.

Of course, I'll just ask our Khmer staff to buy for us instead.


toxic disco boy said...

bet ko yung fake margiela. hahaha. looks real... how much yon jan?

fuchsiaboy said...

not bad di ba? i think it's $12. cheap na yan dito ;)