Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The New Wave

The January 2010 issue of MEGA magazine is out and they've chosen the 8 best collections from the 12th Philippine Fashion Week.

The cover of the magazine is Erich Gonzales

Thank you so much MEGA and Patrick Ty for including me in your tight list. It makes me strive more to improve my craft. I'm really honored to be included alongside talented designers Jerome Ang, Chris Diaz, Marlon Rivera, Veejay Floresca, Pablo Cabahug, Sassa Jimenez, and Joel Escober.

Honestly, I wasn't really sure how the audience would react to my collection. I've always shown very dark sensibilities. Despite the siganture layering and slouch that I love doing there wasn't much black pieces in what I showed. It was really my goal to make it airy and light hence the creamy white palette. I'm really happy with this collection and I have been wearing some pieces quite often.

This soda tab encrusted tank dress took a lot of Diet Coke to complete.

The braided ties was made for me by Spoolworks, Loven Ramos' studio and the woven bracelets by Wanderlust, Elizabeth Kiester's label.


kawadjan said...

Congratulations, love. I couldn't be more proud of ya!

Lyka Bergen said...

Buti na lang at di si Jinkee ang cover. Way to go, F-Boy! Pls. Lang!

Franco Dionco said...

Congrats D! Winner!!!

fuchsiaboy said...

k - salamat sa support as always

lyka - isa ka pa, salamat sa support. hehehe!

f - i'm really so happy. thanks for supporting me and for buying my stuff! ;)

toxic disco boy said...

omg. majah! congrats don! winner naman talga ung collection mo... bibili ako ng mega bukas. hahaha.

fuchsiaboy said...


can you get me an extra copy na rin? i'l pay you back when i get it. ;)

toxic disco boy said...

ok sure thing. ^^