Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Phnom Penh 2nd day

In Phnom Penh we stayed at Franco's place. He prepared a lovely breakfast for us.

I like his place but end of the month he is moving to a new one. He finds this one too big for him.

The view from the balcony. It's a nice neighborhood he is in.

We attended the service at Phnom Penh Church of Christ.

Cesar Lopez gave the sermon and Sovann was his interpreter. They both did a good job. The message was touching.

I saw some Siem Reap faces from before who's now based in PP. Here I'm with Rani. Saw Kimheng and his wife, too.

We then had lunch at Irawadi, a Burmese restaurant. They have an outlet in Siem Reap but the menu in PP was more extensive. OMG! I'm telling you that brown thing you see is the most delicious thing. It's called Palachao and it's toasted fried fish with spices. The yummiest thing! I just had to order more to bring home in SR.

We also had fried fish with ginger and garlic, Burmese samosas (another one of my fave but I like the fresh ones in SR. The one in PP has a more paste-y filling while at SR it's minced potatoes and stuff.)...

spicy shrimps...

dilis snacks...

and ratta pancakes.

The place is simple and lacks a posh ambiance, really.

It's charming in a sort of carinderia kind of way.

Of course, I need to do Fashion Diary, non?:
Top: DP 'Owens' tee, vest from H&M
Bottom: DP classic skinny pants
Shoes: Converse

Partly, you can see my Marc by Marc Jacobs watch band belt. It's part of the loot my friend Karen got for moi!

This is my new fave bag which I got from the Japan thrift shop. It's all leather with metal stud legs underneath. I got it for 75cents only. A lot of my friends who saw it couldn't believe the price. It's that cheap! Franco, Loven and I got some more stuff I will be sharing with you soon.


toxic disco boy said...

i have a bag like that din. ^^ also thrifted. hehe.

Leigh said...

irawaddi in phnom penh?! that's great news.

fuchsiaboy said...

toxic - i love the bag! well, i guess we think alike ;)

leigh - it's the original one and they have more choices there. you have to eat there ;)