Tuesday, January 26, 2010


When I got serious with this designing stuff one thing I noticed about me is that I never wear much of the clothing I designed. Maybe because I only make limited quantities and also because I got so much stuff acquired from the ukay and given to me by friends that it's a hassle to make something for myself. I'm actually quite lazy so if I can buy something readily then I'll go for that rather than go through the whole shebang of making one.

With Poetry now I have to make a few multiples of my designs to sell. Once I make a sample it's just easy for me to size the pieces and produce it. I've been wearing a lot of my stuff lately because I can just grab some thing in the store, hehehe. And also I was inspired by a friend who said I should wear more of my stuff because it helps in promoting it. I often get this funny feeling when people ask me if what I'm wearing is my own design and I have to say it's by another designer. Don't get me wrong I still love wearing other brands but a part of me also wish that I should have worn my own stuff.

DP tee worn with DP cotton black pants. I'm wearing my canvas work boots again!

My two skull necklaces.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

HK night market find.

This unbranded leather bag is a current fave. It's a Japan Japan find. I was drooling over the bags at Atelier and I think this one gives off the same vibe. It's roomy, sturdy and quite practical.


toxic disco boy said...

korek. diba ang saya pag may nag tanong tapos sabi mo i made it. hahaha.

mas maganda ung bag mo. ung akin walang compartments.

fuchsiaboy said...

yes, you feel proud of yourself.

the bag was really a good find ;)