Saturday, January 16, 2010


I had been feeling colors late last year until now, like I said in my previous post awhile back.

Bright red is one color I have a few in my wardrobe because it mixes well with black. With my Asian skin it's complimentary and it's one color I don't feel like I'm different to my usual style.

Here I paired my own designed red pants with one of my favest white shirt from A.P.C. It was given to me by my friend, Titser May.

My belt I got from Topman and it's durable, ha. I think it's already 3 years old. My shoes is from Muji which Kiks gave to me. He got it in Japan but Muji in Zen Bangkok stock it, also.

This bag was given to me by my bestfriend, Bo Parcon. I like the rectangle shape and size of it. The brand is Shascha.

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toxic disco boy said...

lovette. nauso before ung red pants... i have to unearth mine mamaya. hahaha. ^^

the bag looks great.