Friday, January 08, 2010

Grocery Kokur Jacket

I was too young to shop at Grocery when it opened. For the clueless of Philippine fashion history, Grocery was the shop that Cecile Zamora van Straten ( Chuvaness to web citizens) opened in 1995. It was the purveyor of many street style look and was quite popular with the rave crowd. Inquirer made a feature of the store in its Sunday magazine, landing the cover, no less. I'm telling you I begged my parents to bring me there but proved unsuccessful. So, I contented myself in looking at newspaper features and magazine write-ups about the store, dreaming of one day owning a piece of clothing from there. I was really interested in CVS's style and her different take on fashion that time.

Well, I'm so lucky to have inherited (naks!) this Grocery Kokur jacket from CVS and it makes me immensely happy. I've actually gotten lots of compliments, as well as, questions why I'm wearing such a dusty, old piece. The jacket was treated with silver paint to look aged and blotchy. It kind of reminds me of little granny jackets, and I know it's really small on me. I love the shrunken look and used to wear lots of two sizes smaller jackets in college. Besides, isn't Thom Browne a huge influence in fashion now? The label is cute and bears the line: Fashioned by Grocery Kokur. Here I paired it with a Yohji Yamamoto tank, my own designed pants and Muji sneakers. I really wish to own more 'vintage' CVS designs. I know some fashion friends who hold on to their own Kokur pieces like oyster.


toxic disco boy said...

nice! sana ako meron rin. ^^

fuchsiaboy said...

meron daw in certain ukayan that you can find vintage kokur grocery stuff. i'm surprised, actually.