Thursday, January 07, 2010


Busy days mean less time to think what to wear. Honestly here in Siem Reap no one bothers to dress up or do costumes or outfits for effect. Way damn humid most of the time and people go here to relax from their lives in other countries where dressing up, doing costumes or putting on outfits for effect feels more obligatory. I often look at street style pictures and feel a little disconnect when I see some layered style. I guess I feel envious that it's possible in more temperate places to pile on stuff and not get heat stroke. But I'm also pretty sure I would hate the cold.

Hot day wear: Tee and skull necklace from HK, spike bracelet from JJ, bag by AA, Levi's denim pants I cut to make shorts, shades I picked from the Central Market because I pity the seller and Adidas sneakers.

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