Monday, January 04, 2010

Elegy Opening and Another Thanksgiving Party

At the Arts Lounge, we hosted the book launch and exhibit of photographer John McDermott's 'Elegy'.

The book compiles choice images of his 15 year documentation of Angkor Wat.

He also picked several images to exhibit.

The bookselling went great. They sold a lot!

This image is my fave among the ones we showed. It's very mood-y and dark.

It's been a while since we exhibited photographs.

Loven, Thai girl (totally forgot her name , soweeeee!), Tam, and Eliz

Moi with friends.

Apres, we went to the thanksgiving party of Shannon and Jason.

Fun party! Jason, Levi, Philippe (Little Drummer Boy! lol!) and Girl (sowee I didn't get your name)

The apple pie was delish. Ala mode with the vanilla ice cream I brought. Yummy!

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