Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fashion Diary at Street 240

Street 240 is Phnom Penh's famous street of cool shops, restaurants and cafes. It's a must see place when you want to get cute stuff or relax and have coffee and cake.

I was wearing a DP tank, DP 'Andy' pants

Paired with my current fave canvas work boots and leather handbag, both unbranded.

Here's my friend Franco and he's sporting a casual look, too. It can get humid in the city.

He's carrying a DP 'Half' bag. Folding it turns into another bag.

He paired it with the patent leather shoes I designed just for him. I guess, I should name it the DP 'Franco' shoes, non?


toxic disco boy said...

stylish naman! ganda nung bag nung friend mo... pati ung shoes...

Franco Dionco said...

Waaah! It'll be a great honor for me D! *touched* hahaha

fuchsiaboy said...

toxic - i designed the bag and shoes ;)

f - ;)

Lyka Bergen said...

Pls. lang!