Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Prada Belt Bag

One of our finds in Japan Japan thrift shop is this Prada belt bag. So very late 90's, non? Franco is one lucky guy to find it. I think he got it for $1.00, lol! Like nothing, right? It's still in good condition with just a little tarnish on the belt buckle but not so noticeable, really. I really, really like this piece and wish I could find one, too. I've been wearing my Vivienne Westwood belt bag quite often, recently. Hey, F, if you don't want it anymore you know who to give it to, lol! ;)


Franco Dionco said...

Hahahah..Sure, you're first on the list. I'll give it with the Helmut Lang. Hahahah

fuchsiaboy said...

lol! ;)