Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Margielic Flip Flop

My Havaianas broke and I'm bummed because you simply CAN'T buy a simple, plain, black flip flop here in Siem Reap. I tried looking and it seems there's a law here that only allow ones that are weirdly cartoon-ish or heavily mutated with fruits and animal heads hanging off it. Like I'd rather go barefoot than wear one.

Nothing for me to do but do a DIY thing. Got some canvas tape lying around and decided it's soft but sturdy enough to use as the replacement strap.

I removed the broken rubber strap and basically changed it with the canvas tape. It's better to give a little allowance when you measure the tape so it's easy to tie the ends that will secure it in place.

Voila! Repeat the procedure on the other pair. It's looking very Margielic, don't you think?


toxic disco boy said...

winner. gagawin ko rin to if ever... ^^

switful said...

winnurrr! you can make some for DP line. :D

fuchsiaboy said...

oo nga, hehehe