Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Resting from all the colors. Back to black, my uniform.

My sheer is from Double Dott, a brand I'm not familiar. I got it in one of my ukay sessions a long time ago. I just love the sheerness of it.

My waistcoat is by H&M. It's from their f/w 2008 and I got it in Hong Kong. It's one of the few waistcoat I bought full price retail because I either design one for myself or I just buy ukay.

Paired it with my DP 'Andy' pants and Converse sneakers. The Vivienne Westwood bag is a long time buy. I haven't really used it that often.


toxic disco boy said...

ang mga di na maxado ginagamit... pamigay na yan! hahahahahahahaha. ^^

fuchsiaboy said...

hahahaha! uy, ikaw nga nagsabi sa akin na bibigyan mo ako ng westwood na beltbag! hehehehe