Monday, January 25, 2010


I was feeling Ann Demeulemeester slash Yohji Yamamoto here but the waistcoat and pants I'm wearing were Giorgio Armani. I've never been a fan of his overall style but I love his idea of revolutionizing the way suits were constructed and made. This was during the 80's, it was really Armani who gave the world the unstructured suit. I always notice his fabrics are amazing. That's why when I find something exceptional in the ukay I buy it. Last time in Iloilo I got this.

The stripe white top is an Indu Homme. I like that label, it feels 'organic'.

The cotton linen printed stripe (I thought it was woven!) pants was a gift from Zen Bitch, ITSELF. He got it from Japan Japan thrift shop in Phnom Penh.

The beige waistcoat is also a find there. I got it the first time I went to Japan Japan. I really like it coz it reminds me so much of an Ann Demeulemeester piece.

This skull brooch is also a gift from Kawadjan ITSELF and he got it from Wonder Anatomie.

I love receiving gifts and it's a thrill for me to wear the stuff given to me.


toxic disco boy said...

the pants are really interesting... im opening up to wide pants now. and the vest looks cool esp the skull detail

fuchsiaboy said...

depends sa mood ko but a certain look needs wide pants sometimes. damir doma who is sooo inspiring loves wide cut pants.