Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Had dinner at FISH, a newly opened seafood resto in Phnom Penh. Here's moi with Franco, aka Bettyinme.


It looks chica. I want to bring my friends and family there. The service is good and the waiters friendly.

Our fave dish: Grilled Squid Salad. OMG! The most sublime flavors. It's so simple yet so delicious. Next time I will order one just for myself.

The grilled seafood platter includes seabass, squid and shrimp with Khmer spicy dip. Yum!

The crab fried rice was ok, I didn't actually taste a strong flavor of crabs which I really don't mind. The deep fried breaded fish was also nice but nothing surprising about it. I like the herb mayo dip that goes with it.

Then we chilled out at FLY. It's my first time there even though my friend Sophea, who owns it, has invited me several times already. I forgot to take pictures of their dipping pool and dance area. It's really a nice place to hang-out because the vibe is cool.

Philippe and Sophea mirroring each other. Philippe is a Siem Reaper, too, and he was there for the weekend just like us. He visited his twin brother who lives in Phnom Penh.

Antoine and Loven. Antoine bought an artwork from me before.

Moi, Franco and Karen. She just arrived from the states and she got me Marc by Marc Jacobs stuff. I died! I was really so happy when she gave me the MJ paperbag full of goodies. Thank you my dear Karen.

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