Monday, January 04, 2010


Missing my long hair but I don't regret cutting it. Such a drag in keeping it un-messy.

I super duper love this tee that was given to me by Kuya Blady and Ate Cielo. It feels very Margielic slash Comme-ish with the oversized proportion of the piece. I used the pin Kawadjan gave me which was similar to the ones he used where the Facehunter took a picture of and posted on his blog. I'm too lazy to find the link so I promise I'll take a closer picture of it sometime and show it here. My jeans is Levi's 501's which is another fave brand. The spike cuff from JJ and the snake bracelet by Marc Jacobs seems to be my go-to accessories. I'm wearing it as I'm typing this. ;)

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