Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bloom by Tieng Phalla

Our current exhibit in the Arts Lounge.

Moi with my friend Leigh.


toxic disco boy said...

hmmm... i find the close up flowers a bit sexual. haha. or maybe that's just me. LOL

kawadjan said...

I lurv this exhibit!

Leigh said...

going to link to you from my blog. love the photo of us!

Susan Jacobs said...

I own a kitchen and bath design showroom in Minneapolis. We also are a retail space for unique home furnishings and art. I love the art of Tieng Phalla. Are all of the pieces large wall compositions or is it possible to get smaller more commercial versions of the art? I would love to own and carry some of the pieces in our showroom for sale. Susan Jacobs

Thank you