Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Hound Cafe

Being good social climbers that we are, Kawadjan and moi decided to the 'socialites who lunch' bit. Now this is an exception given that Kawadjan abhors eating. Not that there's anything remotely cartolina and patis entree on the menu so he was forced to order some fusilli with something while I settled for some shrimps with herbs. Pure still water was non-negotiable for Kawadjan, so no soda for us, and it's already too much concession. If it were up to him we would just inhale vapor.

The lighting fixture caught my fancy while listening to the noisy chatter of a group of matronics across our table. Cocktail glasses yan oh. Cute, no? Baboy naman yung sa pinakataas na picture.

I think it's the birthday of one of them because gifts were passed around after coffee and desserts. The birthday celebrant had gifts to her friends also. Mukhang boxes of hopia. Now, that's shusya!.

Ayan ang ebidensya na kumakain rin sya at napakarami pa!

Lecheng tubig. Ang mahal ng sushal na tubig sa Another Hound kaya dapat ubusin. Wala sila nung galing sa gripo, eh. Hehehe


Lyka Bergen said...

The Fuchsia Power: Napakain si Kawadjan!

kawadjan said...

i don't have memories of this incident. don, you might have drugged me. or wait... isa na naman itong kathang-isip ni don. halatang isang kasinungalingan at paninirang-puri.

basta, to clear my name... i don't eat. period.


the spool artist said...

hindi kaya effect yan ng spider ni louis borgeouis??? baka may kung anong chemical yung lecheng gagambang yun!

The Zen Bitch said...

hahaha! yun lang!