Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Roxas City

Roxas City is home now to my family. My lola, originally from Iloilo, married my lolo from Capiz. Roxas City became their home where my mama grew up. I was raised in Sigma because my papa is from there, a good 30 minutes away from Roxas, but spent more of my time in Iloilo when I got older. My lola is the only surviving grandparents I have.

Fashion Diary muna. Moi in Michael Kors for Target tank, Y's Yohji Yamamoto crop pants and DP sandals. Gosh! I've been wearing this sandal my whole trip.

Roxas is known for a lot of things. Aswang festival (CVS, kaya siguro the horror story), a beach of very gray fine sand with very shallow sand bar and the Seafood Capital of the Phillippines. Cheap seafoods.

Freshly grilled is how I liked it. We ordered a lot like maybe 2 kilos of catfish, a kilo of Kikiro fish which we asked to make into a sour soup, grilled squids and my siblings got grilled chicken. Plus drinks and rice we only paid less than P1000. Amazing, no?!

Check how fat the fishes being sold. Have you scraped fish fat before?

We go to this places near the beach.

Apres, we had coffee at Le Breu Cafe. I just love hanging out with my mom and siblings. We just laugh and talk and chill out.

Good thing Roxas has this place where you can hang out. It just recently opened. Just across Gaisano mall.

My sister loves food and she was the one who asked me to get this cashew torte from her favorite baker who also made her unusual wedding cake : sans rival.

Masarap kasi naubos ko yung isa but Kawadjan would disapprove whilst Gibo would pat me on the back.


G said...

enjoy good food.

kawadjan will surely die fat and ugly. when he reach 50, he will realise that he missed half of his life and will start eating all the foods he missed.

meanwhile, we will die fab and gorgeous because we had what we wanted when we were young....and that is good food.


fuchsiaboy said...

do i hear a counter argument mr. kawadjan?

Gayzha said...

Wow... ang sarap sarap ng mga isda..yummmm!