Friday, November 28, 2008

Follow that fake Prada tag...

Sunday afternoon is usually ukay time for moi and my friends here in Cambodia. There are several stores in the downtown area that sells ukay but our fave is this out-of-the way stall in a minor market, maybe, 15 minutes from the town center. It's much more expensive of course in the town are to buy ukay unlike in Sakrolayn where a dollar can get you 20 pieces already.

Rough road galore going inside.

I just want to share some Cambodian townscape. This is what you see aroung the market area. Very provincial, no?

Usually, we start around 2pm and finish when it gets a little bit dark around 5pm.

My regular ukay buddy said she wants to limit her purchase to fit in that brown paper bag.

She ended up having two large plastic bags brimming with fab clothes.

So much for will power. :)

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