Friday, November 21, 2008

Styling my ukay Finds

Last week I had the chance to go ukay hunting. I wasn't very lucky finding clothes for moi but I couldn't resist snapping some cool stuff to add to my ukay collection. Heck, at roughly P5.0 each I'm just glad to have all of it until I find suitable owners that would cherish each piece and actually fit into them. Hehehe! Let's start with this lovely Cacharel silk skirt abloom with roses. Quite the signature of Cacharel, no?

Pairing it with an Agnes B. black cotton knit top spells casual chic.

For relaxed evening out with friends, why not the Etro knit in this yummy shade of blue. Sexy but still tasteful.

For some serious artsy fun, maybe, an art opening, or the premiere of the latest art film, why not layer a white cotton Comme ca Ism tee under a sheet thin silk DKNY camisole. Then, a brown wrinkled jersey scarf, given by the 'ukay manang' for free, finishes off the look. A statement shoe is in order.

This Vanessa Bruno top, fave brand of 'it' actresses like Maggie Gyllenhal and Kirsten Dunst, seriously gives off that casual chic vibe but still fasyon. I love the garter band on the hem.

And the killer small details - grosgrain ribbon snaps. So Parisienne, no?

And what could be more Paris chic than A.P.C.? This dress screams simple yet fasyon. Fasyon insiders will agree it takes a certain style to carry off and understand understated chicness.

Down-to-there slit of the neckline, just enough to tantalize and seduce.

And for the holidays, something festive!

A Michiko Koshino button down shirt, irridescent polyester, just gives enough shine and sparkle.

Paired with this Ralph Lauren velvet shorts in deep plum, a patent wedge heels in gray or maybe fuchsia will complete the ensembles.

Now look what we have here?!

Laser cut suede net top by Versace. Amazing quality!

If it gets chilly, why not add some understated Marni thingy.

Looks like a hybrid puff blouse jacket cover-up.

Unzipped, it looks so casually chic. So very Marni.

Damage? Roughly P200 for everything.


kawadjan said...

j'adore that A.P.C. piece!

fuchsiaboy said...

dont we all love A.P.C?

i get more mileage wearing my A.P.C.

izzydore said...

thanks for the comment! are your referring to junya's menswear or womenswear collection?

my love for APC is profound.

Kiks said...

i am such a fasyon greenhorn, i am like learning so much.


Sreisaat said...

Hi Don - great ukay finds you have there! Like Kiks, I am learning so much :)

fuchsiaboy said...

izzy - junya women's

kiks - well there's no better time to start than now.

sreisaat - i met your brother! di ba phnom penh ka? ang daming ukay dyan!!! :)

Sreisaat said...

Me again... huo, he told me :)
Dami nga ng ukay di ko naman alam what to look for. Pagbalik mo dito, sama ako sa yo :)

fuchsiaboy said...

ss - hay naku dapat unahan mo na dira kay kis-a lang ko da ya gapa-pp. hoy taga-roxas ko bala ngaa ngina tagalog mo ko! hehehe

ngitai ko da bala mga clothes. email me