Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fashion Diary : Knit, Cut and Muji

I seldom go sheer because of my obese body but there are times when I'm just compeled to do it simply because a statement clothing comes along and there's no other way, no other choice but succumbed to fashion's frivolity. Not that the piece from Yoshiyuki Konishi screams frivolous, oh no far from it, but rather it's crafty but in a modern sort of way. If styled properly it can even be gothic. The Japanese are it, I'm telling you. Crazy bunch!

Given to me by Titser May, the piece is technically amazing. The pattern used and the way it's knitted with translucent nylon thread to create an almost tattoo effect on the wearer.

Layering it with another top just doesn't cut it.

My latest purchase from Muji. I'm so loving the shape and the leather used on this sneaker. Sooo comfy.

Now that the temperature here in Cambodia is cooler I get to wear some warmer items from my loot.

This cotton/wool plaid shirt from Clutch is joy. Just your basic button with a little twist: the cut of the sleeves are kinda bat-wing. Ohhhh, so 80's, no?


Holly G said...

love the plaid!

fuchsiaboy said...

thanks holly! :) love the bangs on you.

kawadjan said...

everything about the first picture spells perfect. greta would be so proud.

the relaxed expression of the face, the elongated neck, the wavy hair, the perfect skin... of course not to mention the amazing shirt and the glittering background.

divine, love. divine!

Miss Bubbles Cojuanco said...

Hindi ko maintindihan bakit maganda ka?

ano sekreto mo... ateh!!!!