Sunday, November 23, 2008

Complex Elegance of Ann Demeulemeester

Over at Aloharag, I was drooling over some pieces from one of my favest designers, Ann Demeulemeester. Despite her moody, gothic styling and all the layers that simply would not work in the tropics, if taken apart, each piece from her collection are handsomely made and looks so classic that you can use for years and years. Despite the steep prices (and definitely beyond my budget now) I'm falling in love with the pieces I've posted here. A little pleated thingy going on the lapel of a jacket.

Classic white shirt.

Heaven, need I say more?

Just enough taper for my taste.

OHHHHHHHHHH!!! I realy want this! I'm so in love with this bag.

I used to wear a style similar to this boots. The more it gets battered, the more it looks cool.

This silver bracelet and necklace are both lovely.


izzydore said...

I tried that ruffled jacket on, divine.

Re: the comme for h&m pants, you can definitely make them. Speaking of which, I'm really interested in having something made by you, once you get back to Manila!! Do tell me about the logistics (where we can meet up, your rates). You know there's this Don Protasio striped long-sleeve t-shirt I saw in Backstage long before (the one encrusted with can tabs) that I still can't get out of my head!

Kiks said...

saw APC having these boots for their fall-winter collection for me(n).

and the bag is just as lovely.

giordano concepts has a bag similar to this. 1,300HK$.

there isnt anything like this in any ukay shop.

[G] said...

oh, i love the bag and the boots! let's go na, mag shopping na tayo! like, now na.

fuchsiaboy said...

izzy - lets talk! :)

kiks - saw that bag sa GC. di pure leather eh. APC is simply divine. But I'm obsessed with Ann Dem now.

G - Ibenta na natin yung singsing! Tapos you can treat me sa Ann Dem, pwede? :)

Miss Bubbles Cojuanco said...

Hoy donnatella...

pano ba e-pronounce yung apelyedo nang Ann na yan...

kinukwento ko sa mga sosyal kong friends pero di ko mapronounce nang maayos...

fuchsiaboy said...

miss bubbles, i suggest you go to antwerp and ask ann herself. yan ang sosyal!

kung di alam ng friends mo kung sino sya at kung paano i pronounce eh hindi sila sosyal. :)