Thursday, November 27, 2008

Prints - Some more 'Birds'

Why the 'birds' print, you may ask? Hmmm...well it goes back to my mood again.

I feeling organic, nature, migration, cycle, mother earth. I want to achieve that sense of comfort, that sense of familiarity a mother gives.

I want this collection to be joyous. A celebration of life. Including the darkness and impermanence that goes with it.

Anyway, don't try to understand too much what I'm rambling here. Don't even begin to assume I understand it even. LOL! Basta ganun lang sya.

We've done the prints in raw silk, cotton, satin, etc. Here, above you can see the jersey one.

Then we did it in some cotton with grids.

White rayon

Plain cotton

Very artisanal actually, no? All done by hand using the silk screen method. I'm gonna try it with some gauze material and see if it works with looser weaves.

I'm planning to have shoes made also with prints, bags and the whole gamut. Kaya busy-busyhan ang drama.


izzydore said...

brilliant. the print on the pink background looks a little like shrimp, which I find very cute actually! i'm looking forward to seeing how you translate this to footwear :)

Miss Bubbles Cojuanco said...

I love the prints darhling...

not so very hitchcocky!!!

i love it...

i love it...

i love it...