Friday, November 21, 2008

Fun design: plusminusmultiplydivide dress

I recently found this dress in the ukay which amused me. It can be styled into different ways.

You can have it a little sculptural with the movement of some ties on the side.

Pull that skirt up and it becomes a top.

Marni-esque, di bala?

Pull the ties tighter and it gathers dramatically.

Closer please, just like dat.

The ties on the shoulder area.

When loosened it looks like that.

It can be sensually draped on one side only with the inner tank showing.

It can be tied like a ribbon.

Then it looks like a scarf.

Or a shrug. Don't you think it's fun having this kind of dress? In one night you can have different looks!


izzydore said...

Oh it's by +-x(divide), which is part of the 2 percent group of clothing stores in hong kong. No wonder its so fabulous. I love 2 percent!

kawadjan said...

win, win, win. send it over to bkk and i'd werq that dress. choz!

fuchsiaboy said...

izzy - i love 2 percent, also. gots lots of shirts from them.

kawadjan - im sure you can werq this in siam paragon. just add MMM Incognito shades, di bala? Itsura ng wwa, lol! :)

Kiks said...

i love 2 percent.

wiiiild! sana they have like that for men too, ano?