Thursday, November 06, 2008

Pepper lunch and a day with Ms. Chuvaness

Good day, Fuchsia-siders,

And so, finally, I've met one of my fashion hero, Cecile Zamora Van Straten, who's now enjoying Tokyo as of this writing. She took this picture of moi.

Of course, I had to try Pepper Lunch and I actually texted her that the line was long outside so we might not have a table. Ngek, I forgot she's the owner pala. hehehe So when she arrived we were whisked pronto to a VIP table just for the 2 of us. (Feeling sushality ako! hehehe). And she brought me presents! I labs it! Basta she even promised to give me something I wont reveal here muna. I was giddy with excitement. Basta Im such a big fan of hers even before she started blogging and all. Weird when you just read about that person sa magazines and papers tapos you get to talk to her na. Superstar moment. I hope my nervousness wasn't showing. I was super intimidated! hahaha!

Apres lunch, ayan mahaba pa rin ang pila. Grabe ha, past 2pm na yan.

Delish and food! I was so full that i didn't have the space to have dessert na. I had a wonderful seaweed salad where you have to shake it in a plastic container. I had pepper salmon with rice and I practically inhaled all of it. My public you should try it when you are there at Powerplant mall in Rockwell. I also noticed ang mga staff nila very friendly. Unlike some resto na masungit yung mga waiters kasi siguro masungit din yung owners. hehehe!

So, me and Ms. Chuvs went around to do some sale shopping. She's so sweet she bought some butter cake for her friend Jude. Sayang, hi/hello lang kami ni Jude sa resto nya na very cute and cozy. I would love to try it next time, promise.

I wanted to go to Theodore coz I've been hearing a lot of good stuff about it. The stuff they have there were nice. I bought a book. I was hoping to get a Lomo pero my peso was short and they didn't accept dollars. Sayang, oh well.

We also checked out some nakakaloka sale somewhere near Bonifacio and then I accompanied her to do her groceries. My gosh she's so typical. Alam mo yun bang ang mental image mo sa isang tao ay ganito and then when you are with that person na it totally blows you away coz she's so normal. She's such a normal, fasyon mom. I was too shy to ask her what she's wearing but she was carrying a pink Goyard tote. Basta yung pants nya parang may tali-tali na eklavu. And of course, LV sneakers.

Yes, sa excitement ko nakalimutan kong magpakuha ng picture with her. Bummers! Kainis nga. hehehe Pero there will be a next time naman siguro.

That's it. Nagtsika lang kami. Pero it's a secret what we've talked about.

Alam mong mahal mo ako

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kawadjan said...

tse mo! inamin mo rin na kumakain ka. bad yan. di yan kasama sa public image mo. i'm very disappointed.


fuchsiaboy said...

heller! kasama kong kumain si cvs! di counted yun. nawawala ang calories in her presence.

The Zen Bitch said...

that's a pretty big bowl over there... hihihi! hmn, kelangang makahanap din ako ng friend whose presence eliminates calories... you back in siem reap, don?

fuchsiaboy said...

yep im back zen.

uy ukayan mo naman ako dyan sa pp.

the spool artist said...

hay naku, finally... and i thought that day would never come! i always end up meeting your blogger friends before you do... and of course, they end up as my friends too! hahaha.

salamat po sa pasalubong mong jose rizal shirt from team manila!

fuchsiaboy said...

spool - glad you liked rizal.

The Zen Bitch said...

ukay? dun sa japanese thrift shop? cge why not? ano ba type mo? size? should i base it on your previous purchases?