Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Comme des Garcons Homme Plus canvas bag

One of the sweetest soul I've met online is Angel Buenaventura. She's so chica and fasyon. We can practically talk for hours about fashion and style. Like moi, we love Margiela, Junya, Comme and friends. She also supports local designers by wearing them like Ivarluski Aseron (pictured above), Bo Parcon, and other designers.

We met briefly during one night of Philippine Fashion Week, the night before my show. I was surprised to see her there because she said she wasn't feeling well. Our chat was short because I was rushing with my friends to go out of the venue and meet another friend.

I was so worried and sad when the next day she couldn't come to see my show. Wala din kaming picture together. Tsk, tsk. And I was so looking forward to make chica with her.

Proof of her sweetness, she sent her boyfriend Chester to give me something.


The girl knows how to make me happy! Naloka ako! Hahahaha!

You know moi, anything Comme des Garcons I LUUUURRRVE!

I was actually short of gloating to my friends in Iloilo because I used it non-stop there. Even in Bangkok I was still using it. I love it that much.

Thank you Angel!

Top : Whereabouts

Shorts : ukay gingham shorts

Accessories: DP sandals, Norman Noriega feather necklace and Comme des Garcons Homme Plus bag

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