Thursday, November 13, 2008

Art in Bangkok

One of the reasons why I wanted to wreck havoc in Bangkok, beside the shopping and visiting the grand harlot of Silom - Kawadjan, was to see the newly opened Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. I forgot how many floors it was but I'm telling you it's vast. And full of goodies!

Guggenhiem NY, isdatchu?

The real draw for me was this huge spider by Louise Bourgeois. 'Ikakamatay ko kung di ko ito makita!' drama ko kay Kawadjan. Syempre, nataranta ang aking tour guide. 'Pasasabugin ko ang Royal Palace kung di ko makita ang malaking gagamba na yan!!!' This conversation happened while I was trying on some Balenciaga. So he dragged me pronto to BACC, at baka anu pa ang mangyari.

We asked the museum guards if it's ok to take pictures. After some rounds of charades and basic acting exercises, we got the nod. Pwede palang magpicture ha. We will show you how to take pictures! Ayan nahiga na lang bigla si Kawadjan. Vengga, no? Parang professional. Effort at naka-pout pa. He has this obsession with pwet eh kaya yun ang una nyang kinuhaan.

Strike the pose! I would like to thank Martin Margiela for my tee, Peer Banas for my jacket, Ann Demeulemeester for my pants, Norman Noriega for my feather necklace and K-bond for my shoes. With Louise Bourgeois' 'Spider. 1996'.

Itsy, bitsy spider...kainin mo si Kawadjan!


Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Wag po kuya, wag poooohhhh!

Gaga, mali ang script mo!

Confident? I use Rexona.

The exhibit entitled Traces of Siamese Smile gathers several high profile Thai artists' works and juxtaposed with other artists around the world.

Montien Boonma 'Melting Void: Molds for the Mind. 1999'

Yoshitomo Nara 'Yogya Bintang House Mini. 2008'

Inside the cute house.

Kosit Juntaratip 'Lily Orary. 1994'. The artist married his doll. He likes to investigate the meaning of 'love'.

Andy Warhol 'Portrait de JMB. 1984'

Lou Brothers 'Welcome No.4. 2007'

Montri Toemsombat 'Thai Freedom Thai Freedom, 2008'

Noppachai Ungkavatanapong 'Bathe. 1997-8'

Chatchai Puipia 'Siamese Smile. 1995'

'Ode to Dali' by moi. Ang ganda, no?

I forgot the artist's name pero he is controversial. I love his style and technique.

This artist shredded money and made them into sculptures. Ang haba nyan. I don't how much amount it took him to create this installation.

This scared me! Manop Suwanpintha 'Buddhadasa Bbhikkhu. 1993'

A final pose with the wonder twins guarding the entrance.

I'm defintely going back again! I took a lot of other pictures actually which I will upload in this folder soon.


G said...

winner! winner!

this BACC is a good development, nakakasawa na rin ang usual museums sa bkk.

nakakasawa na rin ang tawan museum of fine arts with the regular ping-pong balls exhibition!

fuchsiaboy said...


i don't think im into those sort of arts.

baka kung si kawadjan ang magperformance art with the ping pongs i MIGHT watch.

sino sasama? raise your hands.

G said...

i'm sure if we ask the UN people to join, join sila sa project na ito! you know kawadjan and the UN, it's like coffee and creamer, perfuct.

fuchsiaboy said...

ay, may budget agad?! winner!

naku i have to think of my outfit na. dapat polka dotted ala comme para angkup sa ping pong theme.

pero di ba dapat tennis balls na ang kay kawadjan? di ba masyadong maliit ang ping pong?

G said...

i will definitely ask ban ki moon to pass a resolution prioritising this once in a life time project.

we can actually put some spikes on those ping-ping balls if you think hindi ito challenging for kawadjan...

ano kayang isusuot ko?

fuchsiaboy said...

ping pong with spikes PLUS calamansi! now that's a challenge kawadjan cant refuse.

one night performance lang ito so dapat todo na damit mo.

hiramin mo kaya ang pakpak ng mga victoria secret angels plus DP sandals lang? yun lang ha. para statement.

tapos ka-date mo si *toink!*


kawadjan said...

hahahaha! anong discussion ito??!! forum na ba ang blog mo, donita? at tse... isang malaking TSE. ayoko sa ano mang uring balls, unless it's attached to a beautiful dick and a gorgeous body with a god-like face. ching!!!

don, you were wearing muji shoes that day noh, which you bought the night before. those shoes, clearly, are not k-bond.

goddess said...

katawa yung spider..
bokot nga yung ulo!!!

the spool artist said...

ah, spider pala ha! sige na nga, i know what to get you for your birthday! fried tarantulas from the old market!

fuchsiaboy said...

*EDIT* i was wearing muji sneakers pala hehehe thanks K for your pornographic memory.

goddess - pero scary

spool - ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!

The Zen Bitch said...

anubaito? nag-comment na ako sa multiply site mo pero ibang klase ang mga comments ditetch! balajj!

pero i'm raising my hand para mapiling audience sa show... hihihi!