Monday, November 17, 2008

Fortune Teller

Cambodians are steeped with cultural traditions and beliefs handed down from generation to generation. Consulting a fortune teller is a prevalent habit that you can see around town. We found this one who set shop - mat, incense and fruits, just across the town post office.

We Christians don't really believe in consulting mediums and fortune tellers. We believe that God holds the future and we are taught to pray that it will be good for us. In the Bible it's actually ill to consult mediums and fortune tellers. In a way, horoscopes are bad too since it makes you trust other sources rather than trusting God.

Anyway, as a gimmick for the latest exhibit we have here in the Arts Lounge, we had to find a fortune teller. The artist for the exhibition based her artworks on Khmer star signs and horoscopes. We needed someone to interpret the signs and star pairings for our guests.

I learned that engagements and weddings get cancelled if the pairing of star signs are not favorable. It's also not allowed for couples to get married if both were born during the same year. I guess, it's still not so modern in this part of the world.

Anyway, I had to wait for this lady to finish for her fortune to be read so I can talk to the fortune teller. She's got so many questions about her health, the status of her love life and if she will do well with her business.

I don't know if it's profitable to sell 'fake' D&G bags these days. For me it was definitely a bad omen seeing her bag.

Moi, in Levi's tee, DP pants and DP boots.


kawadjan said...

ang taray!
takot ka lang magpahula kase baka di bumagay ang future mo sa mood mo.
i love the shoes!

Lady Prism said...

I luuuuv your blog!!

fuchsiaboy said...

k - thanks! yeah, i guess i shouldn't depend too much on my mood also, right?

Lady Prism - thanks for dropping by. :) it's nice to see new faces here.

G said...

winner ang shoes.

i agree, natakot kang magpahula kasi baka malaman ang future mo talaga ay si ___ and you don't want to give up ___!


The Zen Bitch said...

love the shoes! may lace-up version ito, di ba?

Kiks said...

hmmm, love hula ba ito?

the bag is chucks. the shoes is bonxxs.

the spool artist said...

don is exclusive kasi kay madam auring eh!