Friday, November 14, 2008

Some more of Bangkok

More shopping ang moda. Sa kakasama ni Kawadjan sa akin eh nakabili sya ng black tote, transformer na cardigan, belt at ang fall/winter collection ng isang tindero sa kalye. Yes, you heard it right. Meron syang nalalaman na fall/winter-fall/winter na moda. Nag nose bleed ako! Why not really if he wants to do a fall/winter collection and sell it in the streets of Bangkok, who are we to judge? In fairview, he had some winner pieces like double breasted cardis, ethnic printed tees and extra long sleeve tops. May concept! Di lang tulad sa atin where shops churn out the same boring t-shirt designs. Buti sana kung may concept eh wala din. Dismal and boring looking! Even the lady who sold Kawadjan the cardigan was dressed ala Rei Kawakubo - all-black and droopy. She wouldn't even sell me a cute camera accessory which she used for her styling her wares. Yes, there's styling silang nalalaman dun. Win, no?

Anyway, we also checked out the little shops dotting some soi the exact number I forgot. I was impressed with this Thai label na mukhang very generic and classic yung mga shirts nila but they use premium fabrics from Japan. Syet I forgot!!! Anu nga yun Kawadjan, yung medyo expensive sya? They sell jeans, also. Dun sa store selling Rogan, Edun and those organic chuchu labels. Basta, maganda sya.

We visited lots of shops. Some of them sell at the weekend market at Chatuchak. I missed that. I arrived a Monday, eh. I know there's also a label in New York called Phi but this store is not it. The designer/owner of this store was friendly to us. I ended up buying an American Apparel gym bag. Very generic looking. Google American Apparel and check some Gap-ish clothing but definitely not Gap. Basta they are way cooler.

We went to wwa, finally. Naku, it's so hard to find nga. Yan lang ang sign talaga that you can see outside their store. Yeah, computer print-out lang. I love the concept though. Hehehe.

Hmmm, wwa is edgy in a sort of Comme des Garcons meets Margiela kind of way. Pero It's unfair to say that to them I know coz they definitely have their own style.

I didn't get anything though. I was really tired by that time and when I'm tired I lose the urge to shop.

I definitely had to eat in a Thai resto so we ended up at this one. I forgot to mention Bubbles, Kawadjan's bestest friend in Bangkok, joined us. Cool chap despite the fragile name. Maybe because he is bubbly and witty? He's such a leveler for Kawadjan's usual histrionics. Anyway, super tsika lang kami ng tsika. Pagoda cold wave lotion na rin kasi.

'You are not paying attention to what I'm saying.'

'Makinig ka sa sinasabi ko!'


'Anovah! Look into my eyes! Blahblahblahblahblahblahblah!'

'Blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah...Gutom lang yan!'

'Hmmm...What did you say Kawadjan? Sorry, I was just thinking of something.'

The meal was deliciously cheap! I swear.

As a finale, we went to this soi and parked our asses in a Greek place for drinks. I guess Kawadjan brought us there because he's hoping he could snag some Greek shipping tycoon ala Onassis. My lips are sealed sometimes.

A final pose with Bubbles.

'Kawadjan?! Bubbles where the hell is Kawadjan? He said he is going to the toilet and it has been 30 minutes already. Ang tagal nya namang umihi?'


kawadjan said...

i swear ang cute ni papi!
di mo rin na-mention ang lalakeng maton na nagbuburda ng gown... the guy you flirted with. you slut!

dahling, i love your bkk posts. balik ka na dito!!! now. na.

G said...

hahahaha winner ang blah blah blah pic series, cute ang guy ha, in fairview.

tse! di pa rin ako kasama.

fuchsiaboy said...

k - the longchamp is still waiting for moi. di bala? so prepare for my next visit kasi we will storm jj. at sana makasama naman yung kaibigan natin na ipinagpalit tayo sa isang *toink!

g - kasi naman ang arte mo. mas pinili mo pang sumama kay *toink. tse ka rin! :)

The Zen Bitch said...

bongga nga ang iyong bkk posts, esp that blah-blah series... hihihi!


haha kala ko si Louis Claparol haha