Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Behind the shoot

I met Holly when a workmate introduced her to me. I actually saw her earlier before the meeting and thought it would be nice to use her to model my clothes.

We got to talking and since she's going back to Singapore about 8 days after our shoot, it was just perfect timing. I arranged the whole pre-prod thing like in 20 minutes. Kauro, the doyenne of Friend's Center, was having coffee in the Arts Lounge when I asked her. Then I asked Holly. She agreed and was free to do it. I then called Loven and thank goodness he was free, also. Free time and free services. Hehehe! For make-up, I didn't even have to ask Faith. I just tod her, "You're going to do the make-up!" Yeah, I bully my friends. Vincent and Brews, Loven's assistants were also there to help. Gosh! I love friendships, lol!

Faith and her magic hands.

So fasyon ang mga photographers ko, no?

That's it. Can't wait to do my menswear shoot next. :) You wanna see?


The Zen Bitch said...

agree ako... so fasyon nga ang photographer! mowdel ba siya ng menswear mo?

Kiks said...

spool's really a fasyown, isnt he?

i remember the red rubber shoes.

fuchsiaboy said...

zb & kiks - hehehe well when i was starting wala syang choice but to mowdel for me!

kawadjan said...

di pa rin ako natutuwa sa model. ewan ko ba kung bakit. di nya ma-match ang standard ko. ching!!! she does not do jumping shots! paano sya makaka-land sa vogue nyan, aber?