Friday, November 14, 2008

Freedom Cafe

Apres shopping, a nice place to recharge was in order. Just opened recently, Freedom Cafe, is 3 floors of art, food, free internet and more shopping. The first floor is the cafe. The second is the shop selling books, magazines, cd's and thingies. The third floor is more hang out space and smoking area.

Their current exhibit is polariods by cool people. Polariod has closed down so I guess this was their tribute. It's such a cool exhibit. The vibe is amazing. They gave out free postcards featuring the different pictures on the show.

The people manning the stores are artists and musicians. During low time when everyone was just chilling out, one of the waiters picked up his guitar and started playing it. There was also a photoshoot going on the 2nd floor. I think Kawadjan and moi were in some frames. Good thing we're both camera ready. Only a little pout and it's just perfection.

Wow! Such a haven for artists. One good thing is that this place is so close to the cool shops and little boutiques. And it's not expensive given that their target market are the cool young people. Can't wait to go back there!

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