Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bangkok shopping with Kawadjan

We went to Gaysorn.

We saw this exhibit of Christophe Coppens, an accessories designer who made pieces for Lolita Lempicka, Guy Laroche and Yohji Yamamoto, in one of the accessories store there. His pieces were very conceptual and funny at the same time.

I forgot the name of the store but they stock Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, Comme des Garcons, among other brands. Martin Margiela is well represented and Kawadjan tried on the 'Incognito' shades. Ok lang daw ang quality. Mas maganda pa nga raw ang Pacific Shades na endorsed ni Juday.

Those four stitches indicates it's a Margiela bag which also means the amount of 4 figures in dollars you're going to pay to buy it.

We dropped by at Sretsis and made tsika with the friendly SA there. Their clothes are quirky and girly. The sculptural dress on their window is my fave. They have a store in Sydney, too.

We transferred to Siam Square. Headquarter stocks some 3 brands that I love. Each piece has that urban edge at very reasonable price. One of my fave store in Bangkok.

And I love the simple lay-out of their store. It's just like a box. My kind of set-up.

I'm really digging those shoes.

Kamusta naman da ya? I don't know about you but do you really check every seam and stitch of a garment when you shop? I know a friend who does that and then asks his local seamstress to interpret his 'original' design. Eat Bulaga!

Kawadjan and his portrait. Ay, logo pala yan ng Mathematics. The store stocks a gamut of designers. One is Titipon Chitsantisook, winner of 2008 New Designer Fashion Grand Prix in Paris. He was also a finalists in Festival Hyeres. A talented chap. See his blog here.

I know no pictures allowed but I must take a picture of Tipayaphongpoosanaphong's shop. Phew! Needless to say ang haba ng label nya. One of Bangkok Elle Fashion Week's chosen designers. An Elle feature had moi, Loven and Faith laughing at how long his name to say.

His window display was quite macabre and spiritual at the same time.

Goodmixer had Kawadjan excited.

The prints are quite funny. This bone printed shirts would be a fun gift for a doctor or archeologist.

Here's Kawadjan busy memorizing, este, looking at the lookbook of Zenithorial.

Theatre is fun. It's all about tribal/urban chic. It's anti-minimalist. I can say Dries Van Noten and Kenzo style. And not expensive ha. Naloka ako sa pricing!

Here's Kawadjan trying on a piece that he's going to copy,

At Greyhound, sa mata palang ng mannequin obvious na si Martin Margiela ang inspiration nila. Not that they copy exactly, no, far from it. It's still very distinctly Thai but at the same time contemporary/conceptual ala Margiela. For example, one Grey dress stood out for because it had real zips connected to embroidered looking zips going around it. They have fake zips on knitwear. Those kind that's ala Margiela but not Margiela. I guess, if you want affordable Margiela style then they're my best bet.

Kamusta naman da ya ang 'inspiration' ? Kawadjan, tama na ang pagkuha ng 'inspiration' na yan. Nakatingin na sa atin ang SA.

Napagod nga rin kami so we decided to check Siam Square.

We popped at this cute Japanese resto. My kind of place - clean and well-lighted.

Still looking fresh after hours of shopping.


kawadjan said...

hahahaha! winnar ang post na itez. i love, love that night. mega clandestine pa ang pagkuha natin ng kapichuran. para tayong mga fashion spies.

G said...

ang mga hitad, nagliwaliw sa bkk na hindi ako kasama! tse!

fuchsiaboy said...

k - hehehe mega fun talaga yun.

g - ininvite ka. mas pinili mo pang makasama at makapiling si *toink. tse!

kawadjan said...

no don... mas pinili nyang bumili ng hinayupak na versace shirt (that's worth the ticket to bkk) but left it in penang. ang ganda ng priorities!!! tse!

the spool artist said...

oo nga si gibo lang yata ang kulang sa picture na to... siya pala si g! i didn;t figure that out at first... nagbago kasi kaagad ng anyo! hehehe

Giancinephile said...

Wahahaha. Matignan nga pag makabalik ng Bangkok! hahaa

I didn't see those stores pa naman when I went there. haha

Hyperballadry said...

you love all the same Bangkok shops as me. I think my favourites are Greyhound, Baking Soda and Theatre. Hurrah for Bangkok!

Did I mention im in town next year? Do you fancy meeting up for a drink? Probably staying at the FCC. Or at Be.

The Zen Bitch said...

ay, booking! charing!

luv this post! hoping to go to bangkok this december! op kors, i'm also returning to siem reap in 2 weeks! hopefully magkita na tayo, donita!

fuchsiaboy said...

k - hindi! ipinagpalit nya tayo kay *toink*!

spool - alam mo naman. iba sa araw. iba rin sa gabi! hahaha!

gian - omg! san ka pumunta when you were in bkk?!

hyperballadry - sure, why not?! :)

zb - tse!

The Zen Bitch said...

hahaha! dazzol!