Thursday, November 27, 2008

DIY Project : Salvage a damaged shirt.

Classic case: A perfectly normal Super Lovers buttoned down shirt and oily food don;t go together.

Oil spots that won't come off despite my dry cleaning efforts. Ugh! What a waste!

Why throw the whole damn thing if you can salvage parts of it? Step 1: Make outlines that separates the damaged part with the clean part. A tailors chalk or pencil will do.

Step 2: Decide then what style you want. Your inner design talent will come in handy. Cut the trace you made. Use a sharp scissors to cut cleanly.

Step 3: After cutting one side of the shirt, use the cut portion as trace to cut the other side to make sure you have identical parts. Makes it easier for you.

Move along the back until all the damaged portion gets cut off.

Yes! A raw edged layering piece. I don't know what to call it really. Hmmm...half-shirt?

Step 4: Don't forget to remove the label and re-attach it again.

Step 5:Sew the raw edges cleanly by hand or sewing machine. Or you can just leave it to fray if you want.

With a white shirt.

The back view.

I decided to test it out by layering it on top of a black shirt with a slightly longish sleeves.

5cm tee with the Super Lovers half-shirt, Only jeans and Muji sneakers.

It looks Margielic on the side, noh?


Style Salvage Steve said...

Good work! You put me to shame. It is very margiela, well done. I'm off to buy my feathers tomorrow...they are so darn expensive though!

kawadjan said...

brilliant, dahling.

michiepie said...

me likey

Miss Bubbles Cojuanco said...

ay love the putting back of the labels again...