Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bangkok Visual Overload

Arrived in Bangkok! I stayed in First House Hotel, a cheap hotel but walking distance from the malls. It's sufficient with good bathroom, nice white bed and linens and sparse.

Cute phone, too.

Kawadjan and I agreed to meet at Muji in Zen at Central World. Bought this leather sneakers and an inflatable neck pillow in gray. I really stopped myself from buying a lot. Overweight ako sa eroplano!

Earlier I ate a very late lunch at Bread Talk and had this Milo Dinosaur - milky Milo topped with a mound of powdered Milo. Delish!

At Zen, Kawadjan had to buy a belt because his size 0 pants is slipping down. Now that's what I call thinspiration. I couldn't help but notice how he flirted with the Thai SA who measured and handled his waist. But a warning was dispensed from him:

"Never date the locals. Been there, been that," was all the cryptic line I got.

Revived and recharged, we wasted no time in checking out the shops of BKK. I didn't take a picture of all the stores but only those that caught my eye. One shop that impressed me was Myth. A shop, wasteland where you can have foot massage, too.

I love their exhibit called Silence Poet. So very moi!

It consists of several drawings of darkly, moody individuals, much like vampires and citizens of Berlin's alleys.

Thinspiration to the max.

This guy could be wearing the latest Comme des Garcons...

or Dior Homme.

Another one has a cute bow tie. Very inspiring.

At Zen we checked out the bags and they have the Jeremy Scott Longchamp. The Vivienne Westwood accessories were on sale at 30% off. The clothes at 40%. I noticed she changed labels again, it's slightly bigger. I was also drooling over the John Galliano newspaper bags at full price.

Moi, in ukay tee with Tsumori Chisato vest, DP pants, DP gladiators and CDG bag.

It's just the start of my Bangkok visual overload.


kawadjan said...

ay paninirang puri! i did not flirt kaya with the sales asst. i told you he was flirting, but not the other way around.

yun lang, i just want to clear my name for the sake of my public.


fuchsiaboy said...

bukas po ang ating blog upang dinggin naman ang panig po ng SA hingil sa isyung ito with Kawadjan. Narinig na po natin ang pahayag ni Kawadjan at naghihintay naman ngayun ang publiko sa bersyon ng SA. maraming salamat po. magbabalik ang...(sabay-sabay po tayo)...