Friday, March 26, 2010

at Picasso

Tried this very interesting cocktail called Sex On The Beach, hmmmm...I wouldn't know if 'it' would taste like that, lol!

Although Picasso is beside Poetry, we actually seldom hang out there. It was soooooo hot that evening so we decided to chill in there and take advantage of the airconditioning, wehehehe! ;) Thanks Thilo! (owner of Picasso).

It's a good place to bump into 'Siem Reaper' expats and visitors who likes a more upscale environ rather than the usual pub dive atmosphere. At Picasso you can sip your wine leisurely while enjoying a nice chat with some random pips.

Max here is from Ontario and after just 3 months of being here he already speaks good Khmer. I feel ashamed of my Khmer language skill.

Here's some more Siem Reapers: Khua, Liya and Claire. They had fun trying out all of the funny tasting cocktails at Picasso.

I think Khua had a bit too much to drink, non?

We also met this couple from Shanghai (I forgot to take photos of them) and they were so much fun. They own a funky restaurant in the Bund area, I think, which is totally hip and happening place there.

Do check it out if you're here in SR.


toxic disco boy said...

crush ko si max. tell him i said hi. ^^ hahaha

burrito said...

will definitely visit this place. thanks for recommending :)

fuchsiaboy said...

toxic - lol!

burrito - treat a drink when you're here ;)