Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hot Days

Summer here in Siem Reap is scorching hot! Despite my predilection for layered, covered and voluminous fashion, it's just silly and also deadly because the heat is unbearable. I'm just lucky to work in an airconditioned workplace and keep most of my time indoors.

Here's one outfit that I attempted to prance around town one hot day-off, without much thought of mood or reference. It was pure grab whatever's lying clean again. LOL! I'm so lazy nowadays I can't be bothered to care about fashion statements and such (Really? lol!). Much of what I see in the net nowadays being hyped wouldn't work in here, anyway. If push comes to shove I guess I'm loving grunge-y statements now. I don't know why but I'm just loving the easy vibe to it. I'll post some grunge-y photos that I've collected from the net in some later posts.

What I'm wearing above: some unbranded vest over a Muji stripe tank, a Ralph Lauren khaki pants I cut into shorts, Giordano Concepts sneakers and Marc by Marc Jacobs patent tote.


toxic disco boy said...

i want that baaaag!!!!!!

fuchsiaboy said...

m by mj special items ;) a friend got it in san fo.

Anonymous said...

try turtle neck in purple during the hot days!!! yayy! wala lang! i know someone used to wear this way back in pp...:-)