Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This is the Y'SACCS store in Omotesando.

And here's the 2 Y'SACCS bag I got from Japan Thrift Shop from that brand.

Franco, Bettyinme ITSELF, was the one who found this bag for me. When he saw it he immediately summoned me to see it and I did a little shriek of delight.

The boxy rectangular shape reminds me of school briefcases. It has a zipped top that extends to the side with a snap button to hold it in place. It has a metal handle and a leather strap if you want to carry it over your shoulder.

It has one interior pocket with a leather stamped label. It has an additional care label written in Japanese. I forgot to take a photo of it.

The other Y'SACCS bag I found is a leather and nylon combo with 3 separate compartments inside. The color of the nylon is very light blue and it's very soft like the ones used for Prada bags. The leather sections are also very soft which forms the handle and extends to the bottom section of an interior pocket of one of the compartments.

The exterior label of the bag.

The interior label attached to one of the pockets.

It has metal rivets with etched name of the label. This one is the pull tab of the zippered middle compartment.

I'm so happy of this finds.

The label is designed by this man. ;)


toxic disco boy said...

gosh. will look for these. in love with the first bag. ganda ng effect nung metal. ganda lang

fuchsiaboy said...

just chic. can't wait kasi alam ko you will find one ;)